Wednesday, June 6, 2012

City of Bones

Oh my goodness this book is strange.
The basic idea is that it's about these people (Shadowhunters) who hunt demons. And there's also werewolves and vampires - but they are more like Dracula than Edward Cullen.

I'll start with what I like. The characters are interesting and the backstories are well thought out. The whole Shadowhunter world is very detailed and specific. The plot is overall grabbing, so you'd like to know what happens next whether you're actually enjoying the book or not. It's very popular (or so I've heard). It's a definite read if you are a fantasy fan.

Now for what bugs me. Throughout the entire book, the only characters who I could really picture in my head were Clary's mom, Magnus Bane, Isabelle and Alec. The rest just seemed difficult to imagine. Also there were just some plot elements that were just weird - like that whole thing with Jace (that I can't say anything about without completely spoiling it). It's so cliche it's not even cliche anymore. Also, I feel so bad for poor Simon! The author just loves to torture him!

So I can't decide whether to be disgusted or in love with this book. Whichever one - it's got me intriuged. It's part of a series - I'm on the third.

Um yeah. I think it's worth a try for people who are okay with the whole "fantasy in the real world" genre.*

Peace, Love, and SIMON WINS AT LIFE.

* Which reminds me, I've been meaning to write a little thing about my opinions on genre... Hm. Maybe you'll see that soon.

(And also, don't let the fact that the three quotes on the book jacket are either the Stephanie Meyer quote or have the word 'sexy' in them scare you.)