Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Adoration of Jenna Fox

Okay. Um... I dont really know where to start with this book. It wasn't fabulous, but it wasn't horrible. It was pretty good, but also kind of creepy....
This is probably going to be really short because I can't think of a single thing to say right now.
Hm. Okay.
It's a sci-fi book. It's good.

Peace, Love, and Um....

Friday, September 16, 2011


     Hello! Okay, let me just start by saying I'm sorry for not writing, but with summer ending and school starting I've been kind of busy. But, I've found a bunch of new books to read so get ready for a lot of reviews!

     The book I've just finished is Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. I know that there's a lot of other covers, but the copy I read looked like this... If you'd like to look at all of the covers click here. 
This book was amazing. I absolutely loved it.

Here's a quick summary -
     Liz is about to turn sixteen, but then she dies. She ends up on a boat going to Elsewhere, and once she arrives, she starts aging backwards. Elsewhere is like another version of the afterlife.
 I'm not that great at writing summaries but I hope that made sense.
     I really liked it. It was a good book to start my school year with, partly because of it's lack of action. Definitely a great way to transition from not much reading to a lot of it. I liked Gabrielle Zevin's writing style; it was quirky and funny and serious all at the same time. 

     She gave the characters strong personalities, but did not stress on apperance too much, so you as the reader could kind of fill that part in on your own. I imagined Liz as being tall-ish, with dirty blond hair just a little above her shoulders. But you might imagine her differently. Let me just ask, have you ever read a book imagining a character with brown hair or something, but then it turns out the author had written him as a blonde? You just can't change how you were picturing them. It also happens a lot with pronuncations (Like pronouncing the name Liza "Lee-Sa" instead of "Lie-Za").
     It's just something fun to think about.
     So, I guess I'll give the book 3.75 stars. Am I allowed to use decimals?
     I'd say you'd like this book if you....
          A. need a break from fast-paced books
          B. like kind of meaningful, sad-ish books
      I think most people would like it, but I think I have to say I think girls will probably like it more than boys because there is a romance element to it...

Alright! I think that's about it!
My next post will probably be about the book I'm reading now, The Adoration of Jenna Fox.
It's interesting. You might like it :)


Peace, Love, and My 25th Post!

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